as much again

{ San Diego based label by Marissa and Meredith Daly }

As much again, a label designed so that when words fail, clothes can become their expression. With the purpose for women to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered, we believe that our clothing can transform and help beauty shine from within. Our mission is to create pieces by hand, in order to make the world more beautiful.

Our label name was created as a result of finding a synonym to the word “twin” or “double.” We didn’t want to use something ordinary, because like our clothes, we want to make an impressionable statement.

We feel like we have the same beginning and story as many other designers, and consequently, is the reason we too started designing. Not always being able to find what we like while shopping, we found ourselves constantly tailoring everything to our exact fit and how we like our clothes to look.

We decided to learn to sew after we got accepted into FWSD. Weeks after our Graduate Degree program ended, we went over to Arizona and had our grandmother and Aunt teach us the basics of how to sew on their 1950’s sewing machines. From then on, we started playing around on our own machines and began making dresses from lace and other beautiful fabrics. We used each other as our mannequins, as we did not have any at the time. We have created some very unique pieces that are garments that we would actually wear and believe that woman everywhere would want to wear them as well. We are naturally quiet and reserved ladies, thus, we believe that fashion is an exceptional way to express yourself.

Our design philosophy is to create clothing that is stunning and tells a story about who you are as a woman. When you put on our garments, we want you to feel like the woman you are aspiring to be while making a statement about who you are as a confident lady.
We are truly passionate about fashion, and always have been. We love beauty, and in a way, we are looking at life through rose-colored glasses and always trying to see the beauty in things

Although we are twins, we are two people who have two minds yet one vision. We are always striving to turn our ideas of what we envision, into a reality. We like to play off of each other’s aesthetic and designs, and turn them into one fluid collection.

Overall, it has always been a dream for us to be a part of the Fashion Industry, and for a chance to showcase our pieces at various Fashion Weeks.